Friday, May 23, 2008

D'angelo - go back to that thing

5:11 PM me: i am still messing around with the website layout
looking for something more simple
the blog
5:12 PM James: ah yes
Camille: i see you put something up there already
James: wow just watched thi s lil dangelo vid/ mini doc from the voodoo
yup sure didly
well send it thru

d'angelo is one of fav musicians , i really feel like he is our generation's al green/ marvin gaye, and as myself and the legions of true fans patiently await a return album , we can only ruminate through the old collection of released and unreleased material. this here is some unreleased gold that i believe is a voodoo era outtake (which btw ?uestlove says he has hard drives full of, please release them!!!). so lets go back to this thing.\\

2 links (youtube one is a bit muffled and shorter):

imeem link

youtube link