Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Broadcast come out come out wherever you are

For the past couple months I have been revisting the albums of one of my favorite English rock groups, Broadcast, almost on the daily~i love it. Their last output, Tender Buttons (2005) was a great record from a group that had been reduced to only two members from what was five. I dont know exactly why the other 3 left , but sometimes a band can have too many cooks in the kitchen and you just gotta let that bitch breathe. On Tender, not only were the remaining two members able to capture such a nice big/ full sound but did so in what was a more focused affair.

So as I listen to all of the back catalog, I await the new album and a tour (I wont sleep this time when yall come out to SF!)

here is a track from Tender Buttons:

Michael A Grammar - Broadcast

and another from HaHa Sound :

Man Is Not a Bird - Broadcast