Friday, June 6, 2008

Daedelus Darling

Last night I had the pleasure to go out to this music/ art event here in the city, where i oddly but happily ran into a handfull of people from my past, as well as some of the music homies and the one and only Daedelus.

Daedelus is a dare i say IDM musician?, naw scratch that(i dont like that categorization), ill just say experimental dance msuic musician. He is kind of a big deal to me as his album of snowdonia is amongst the albums that changed the way i listen to and interpret music. I told him this and we talked for a good 10-15 minutes about music, his cameo in the erykah badu "honey" video as John Lennon (lol), FMB with Taz of Sa-Ra, his crazy touring schedule (175 days last year he said!!!! he is on his grind, his upcoming album on Ninjatune Records, amongst many other things. Sir Alfred(Daedelus) is an incredibly humble fellow who i was so happy to meet and talk to. After talking to him , he went on and performed, as he always does decked in his tuxedo top and with his step sequencer mystery box and laptop that he directs towards the crowd as he manipulates (an great way to include the crowd in what can sometimes be a boring live performance medium; the laptop based performance). But , Daedelus is a beast on that thing and he will have you dancing, so check him out when he comes to a town near you.

Check out this track of his entitled My Beau, and lookout for the new album on Ninjatune:

My Beau - Daedelus


an indian too said...

ghost town djs represent! this one from the new album??