Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dont sleep..Flying Lotus Los Angeles

thas the cover, crazy huh?

Flying Lotus' Los Angeles (Warp Records) album just came out yesterday(the big day for releases) and it is fire. Homeboy is straight taking shit to another level and the best thing about it is that in the tradition of great leaders he is putting all his homies on and leading the movement, not unlike Dre in the 90s putting on Snoop, WarrenG, etc.

Anyways, really go and support this, get on the wagon now before the band- starts setting up and before you gonna need a late pass like a lot of yall needed with Dilla.

ill leave yall with a sampling from the album:

alright "motherfucker...wordup" -Julia Louis Dreyfuss from skit on"The Vacation from Ourselves" off Wale Mixtape About Nothin