Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hip Hop done been, is, and always will rock!

Man, I dont even wanna get into it, but i will just mention that i got into a debate about Elvis with someone the other day; whatever... Elvis did his thing* <--yall see that asterisk right? , imma leave it at that ((homies holding me back)), hehe. And let me say R.I.P. to Mr. Bo Didley a true rock pioneer and innovator who lived a great full accomplished life.

Anyways, me and Camille are juiced on a couple upcoming releases that really show that these dudes you know for hip hop, rock and rock well. N.E.R.D.'s 3rd album Seeing Sounds will drop on June 10th and is set to be heavy heavy heavy, we will definitely be copping and encourage you to do as well. Their first album was a classic, 2nd was a little softer (even Pharrell himself admitted this)but had some cuts on it, 3rd is set to be a monster. Check a below entitled "Anti-Mater" :
Anti Matter - N*E*R*D

Dj Rhettmatic, Karriem Riggins, and Dilla

Also, from the (unfortunately diminishing) Dilla vaults comes more from the shelved MCA album of 2003 (that is rumoured to be released soon under the name Pay Jay) where Dilla gave control of the boards to other producers and only rhymed. This track produced by Questlove and Karriem Riggins sounds alot like something that Santogold (who we love) would be rocking over. Dilla covered so many bases ranging from rock to techno, so none of this is that much of a surprise when we really think about it, just so refreshing.
Drive Me Wild - J Dilla