Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Awesome Color album!!

I think I might be slightly behind the curve on this, but I was at some high fallutin friend's house last night and I tore through their copy of Wire with a quickness taking notes on new stuff to check out and I happened to spy that Brooklyn-based RRRRRRROCCCK band Awesome Color had a new album out. Sometimes when I hear this stuff I feel like "Hey why didn't anyone tell me?" but then I realize I got lazy because I used to live in a neighborhood with these dudes and a lot of the best bands in the city, word just got around. These days, I gotta remember to try harder.

Oh and if anyone out there is near any of the European cities they will be touring to (check the above link), definitely see them live. They are facking great live and super nice people, to boot.

(I took this picture of Awesome Allison at last year's
Boredoms Boadrum event. The best!)