Thursday, June 19, 2008

Revisited: Digable Planets

I recently listened to an interview with one of my favorite new artists and he mentioned that Digable Planets had been a big influence on him and developing his interest in jazz. This, of course, reminded me that while I completely love Digable Planets I really hadn't listened to that album in, whuh, almost a cool decade? So today I'm lounging around and listening to the epic Blowout Comb. While it didn't have the success of the first album Rebirth of Cool (with Cool Like That being bumped by everyone and their grandma), this album is still a true classic and a quintessential chill-out album. Shame on me for not listening to this in so long, but HEY! I only had it on cassette tape.

Graffiti - Digable Planets

OKsoundsgood, could you kick us down an update with some recommendations of artists that actually influenced Digable Planets?

OKSG Edit: This was actually the first hip hop tape I actually purchased (as everything before that was high-speed cassete dubbing) back in '94. A very special album to me, prolly one of my all time favorites. As far as their influences, you can just look to the artists they sampled. All the old skool soul-funk- jazz cats like Lonnie Liston Smith, Donald Byrd, Edwin Starr, Mizzell Bros, etc as well as of course the Gangstarrs, ATCQs, amongst other early 90s East Coast hip hop figures.

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