Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Simply Beautiful Return

I guess this is all over the internet already, but in case you haven't seen it here we go. While the D'Angelo return is still a bit of a ways off, last night did see the return of another one of our favorite purveyors of soulful seduction, that's right...Maxwell! With his trademark curly fro shorn off and looking mighty suave', he took the stage to sing Simply Beautiful for the tribute to Al Green at the BET Awards, and here's video proof.

Let's hope this means that Columbia will finally allow that album to drop!


oksoundsgood said...

hmm, this is aight- he didnt really do anything too incredible.

Camille Acey said...

the special thing is that he showed up at all! i mean this brotha has been GHOST for almost a decade. while he is certainly no d'angelo, the come back brings hope to all of us who would like to see the nee-yo's and chris browns get shut down and sent home. anyway i can only hope that d'angelo was watching and thinking "They aint seen nuthin yet" so that next year he'll come flying through the air at the grammies like tarzan, ready to put the hurt on the game. Feel me?