Friday, June 27, 2008

A-Trak ft. KiD CuDi - Me & My Sneakers

So Nike has this really cool album series where they commission musicians to make an album of original music for people to workout(jog) to. They started off with LCD Soundsystem and Aesop Rock, and now its DJ A-trak's turn. I presume the majority of the album is without vocals, but here is a cut that does have vocals feat. Kid Cudi. If I worked out i would love to work out to this stuff.


Sean said...


oksoundsgood said...

i know, im going on a vegan fast post july 4th holiday- im not the pretty flaco i was when we were running on the beach in brasil- im more arnold schwartzshanigga after a month off right now.

Camille Acey said...

ha ha vegan fast. sounds good. hit them weights dog!

oksoundsgood said...

nah, im not trying to be more diesel- i wanna be more flaco

Camille Acey said...

weights DO make you more flaco if you do it right. muscle turns your body into a fat burning machine!

running has the potential to make you just flabby.

for weight loss, do cardio with intensity. when i do cardio, i do sprints, burpees, jumping jacks, box jumps...explosive things that get the heart rate straight shot through the roof. in a circuit of about eight. short and fast, my brutha.

anyway...better get back on topic!