Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super (my) (people (hold on))

Curtis Mayfield?...almost, produced by Mr.Mayfield. This 1975 b-side "Super People" from The Notations was brought to my attention by my auntie HH - and I'm just loving it!!

...and while I'm on the subject of people, let me also hit yall with one of my favs, Eddie Kendricks', original member of the Temptations, "People .. Hold On" from 1972- this one is almost like some Motwon nyabinghi chant style - yall may notice that this one was sampled and interpolated from a couple of our faves recently.

The Virgins - Rich Girls

Last year The Virgins was the favorite new band of every other NYC downtown art star, and their track "Rich Girls" got heavy rotation all over the place while they rocked the choicest opening slots (at concerts). However last year Rich Girls was still a demo and --while they'd been signed to a major label since before they ever even played a gig -- there was no thing to clutch onto but bootlegs...until now. The album dropped in June and The Rich Girls video is HERE (well down there), featuring the band, some model chick, and a few of those abovementioned downtown art stars. Check it.

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Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -07/31/08

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If you don't know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week ONLY) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

So this show had many many gems. Here were some of my most fave:

John Coltrane Quartet – ‘Lonnie’s Lament’ (Impulse)

Mos Def & Robert Glasper – ‘Stakes Is High’ [Live In Concert] (Test)
This was like a lengthy lengthy hip hop jazz jam of Mos doing his take on De La Soul's Stakes Is High. I gotta find this, ASAP.
Update: Download it here

Dee Dee Bridgewater – ‘Children Go Round’ [King Britt FiveSix Mix] (FiveSix)
King Britt brings it with the tribal riddims here. Mellow enough for chilling but jamming enough if the spirit moves you into an impromptu shake it session. Feeeeeelin.

Luiz Bonfa & Roberto Paiva – ‘Eu E Meu Mulher’ (EMI - REISSUE)
Great samba par-tay music! Nice nice, poppin fresh.

Seu Jorge – ‘Mina Dos Condominio’ (Javali Valente)
I already knew Seu was the dude, but he is DOING IT UP on this track. Gilles highly recommends this album and I am going to do just that!

Roots Manuva – ‘Again And Again’ (Big Dada)
This is the new heat from Roots Manuva. Big dancehall vibes. I was already brainstorming my moves!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drop the Lime

Just checked out this XLR8R TV segment on this cat from NY , Drop the Lime. I had been hearing the name cause I have some friends who are fans and he also just performed with the ZZK guys here in the city. Gotta say, I'm pretty impressed after watching this video and am going to check out more of his stufff.

Femi Kuti and the Shrine TV

Back in the 70s, Fela Kuti started a community around a place he called The Shrine where he would perform, congregate, etc. The legacy of the Shrine is now being carried on by his son, Femi and I'm delighted to just now find out that they have a internet TV station! It isnt often that you see an internet TV station based on music coming out of Africa, and I dont know how frequently they will upload it but this trailer and the second one are holding me over for now. Go ahead and subscribe to their channel on youtube.
I gotta hit up Nigeria on my next Ghana trip and see whats popping at the Shrine.

big ups to Wuzz the Bruzz

Monday, July 28, 2008

madvillain soon come!!

So, i know that hardly anyone is going to agree with this, but I feel that Madvillainy is probably the most important hip hop album and amongst the top 5 to come out in the last 7-8 years. So while we wait for the 2nd go around, I think we are really just waiting on Doom as its common knowledge that Madlib has beats for months, Madlib has taken it upon himself to remix the whole 1st project...which is pretty big news in my world. Hit Stones Throw up to check out the nice box treatment they are giving it, which is way outta my budget :(

check three of the remixes here:

Brain (via Analog Giant)
3.214 and Draino (via The Full Clip- a great blog milli hipped me to today)

Nice Jams

Just gotta give a special shout out to Eli Escobar & Vaz for doing an especially nice job holding it down on Mark Ronson's Authentic Shit while the dude is out rocking crowds and becoming tabloid fodder. Last week's show was great, with the late 80s/early 90s hip hop summertime jams, the banter about things like classic summer kicks, and the funky little surprise mix by Diplo. Click on the link above to download the show. Fun stuff!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -07/24/08

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If you don't know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

Here are some of my faves from this week, click the artist name for more info:

Mama! Milk – ‘Kujaku’ (Test)

Raphael Sebbag (former of UFO) – ‘Paz en la Tierra’ (Power Shoved audio)

Lalah Hathaway – ‘Tragic Inevitability’ (Verity)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Gilles mentioned Spacek on last week's Radio 1 show when Morgan Zarate (formerly of Spacek) came in, so I stopped to check out this fantastic (but currently-defunct) group. I am vibing on their 2001 album Curvatia -- which is soulful, full of grooves and blips and bleeps and Steve Spacek's great vocals -- at the moment and lamenting the fact that I only discovered them after it seems they've already given it up.

Definitely worth checking out that back catalogue. Here's something to start you off.
Download: Spacek - Sexy Curvatia
NEWLY DROPPED on BenjiB!!! Dilla production with Steve Spacek (not newly dropped AT ALL, excuse my confusedness)

Update: You may recognize this instrumental from the last link in our Karriem post.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -07/17/08

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If you don't know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

Man what a good show. Here are some of my faves from this week, you should be able to click the artist name for more info:

Jam - Quiet Fire (Viktor)
The first thing that jumped out at me (after obviously that Jay Electronica and Nas) was a jam from (I think) some of the dudes from Soil and Pimp Sessions called Quiet Fire, that was total jazzy piano insanity, really great track.

Sahib Shihab – ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ (Schema)
Great remaster of a great jazz master(OKSG, what do you think about what he said about "remastering the right way?")

Jamie Lidell
– Little Bit Of Feel Good (Senor Coconut remix) (Warp)
Jamie(new album out now) is a total wild man live from what i've seen and heard and I can't wait to see the spectacle. "A Little Bit of Feel Good" is a mighty fine jam already, but thanks to Senor Coconut for kicking it up even a few more notches. Gotta find that one.

Busta Rhymes – ‘I Got Bass’ (Universal)
For some reason Busta Rhymes did NOT have a folder on my hard drives of music, but recently he got one. He earned it. I've liked everything new that I've heard in the last few months. I aint gonna call it a comeback.

J Davey – ‘Just Because’ Ft. Phonte (Interdependent Media)
Wow, J-Davey (album out now)! It took a while for this group to grow on me, but yo I gotta bow down and big em up. And I never thought I'd say this, but I gotta big up LA. There is a LOT of dope shit coming from there from Georgianne Muldrow to Blu to Madlib, that city is kinda on fire. Props to Phonte for vox on this, too.

Spacek – ‘Sexy Curvatia’ (Island)
I only knew Spacek from one track with Dilla, but I had no idea. This is a real sexy and kinda dark track. Out there, I love it. This band no longer exists, but I am gonna have to go digging into their back catalogue soon.

Q-tip – ‘Getting up’ (Test)
Wow! This is one of those things we've been waaaaiiiting for. I'm with Gilles. Is this album ever gonna come out? Something came across my desk last year that made it seem certain. But NO, nothing. Dude Q-Tip, just go Radiohead on this. We need this album.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - So many names, so little time

Photo credit

A friend dragged me spur of the moment to see Miles last year (or maybe it was the year before) at a small cafe in Williamsburg where he was playing with his band The Black Boys, and I came out totally invigorated. The gig started out as a whisper but ended with a roar; it was big dynamic folk-rock from someone I felt certain was growing into a big talent. These days, FADER is big time on Miles' jock and so I am regularly getting news of how he is (possibly) blowing up.* I recently grabbed the title track from his first album and I am really liking it (and looking forward to seeing him again, at what is gonna be prolly a packed gig, this August in BK).

Cop the track "Buriedfed" here via his label, Say Hey Records. Video below

*Sometimes FADER is a little too early on the hype, but this time I'll ride along.


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Re-listening to Gilles to get on this week's GP wrap-up. I hoppped, skipped, and jumped over from the dope and (former of Spacek/very Dilla-inspired, check this dude) Morgan Zarate over to French producer Onra.

Yo I am feeling this track below. Don't you a-gree? If you do, cop his monotape mix here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Diplo X Santogold new mixape -->Top Ranking!!!!

Santogold and Diplo have a new mixtape out that is very much in the style of Diplo/MIA's Piracy Funds Terrorism which was also great. I peeped the a track off of it which compelled me to actually go out and buy the CD ( i know sounds like a primitive thing to do these days, innit?).
The track i heard was "Guns Of Brooklyn (Doc and Jon Hill Dub)" which had me absoultely skanking all over my room
via the Fader
and more
via Mad Decent

Was thinking that Santogold is in a good position because she kind of has the opportunity to take MIA's market share, seeing that Mia cant get into the country and all as well as her music being a bit more political (read: less marketable) than that of Santi. Anyhow, go and cop that mixtape- its really dope.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Ms. Bones

Not sure if you've been hearing about Ebony Bones like I've been hearing about her, but I feel like her name comes up like every other day. The thing about Ebony is that she was a child star on a popular British soap opera and then she left and outed herself as totally bonkers and is now on her way to reaching megastar status in the UK with her (FACKING GREAT summer jam-tastical) track We Know All About You (hear it here on her myspace) in heavy rotation on Radio 1 and after playing Glastonbury, all this WITHOUT BEING SIGNED. At this point I dunno what this sista (whose style resembles Little Kim meets Betsey Johnson meets Cirque du Soleil touring through Africa on their way to the moon) needs a label for anyway, but I won't go on about that.

Anyway, check out her performance in the video below and keep an eye out for some real releases, hopefully soon.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -07/10/08

So, if you dont know me by now, youll never never ....that was my jam when i was a little bwoiie, big up to ah Simply Red. But for real was going to say, if you dont know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

oh, plus there is a new player on the BBC page that allows you to rewind, YES, finally!

GP Rundown 07/10/08:

Sa Ra Creative Partners - Bone (Good Music Label)
-Dont know if this is old or not, but I've never heard it. More Sa- Ra heat, cant wait for a proper proper album (Hollywood Rec. was proper and abs .incredible, but what happed to Black Fuzz ?) from these cats!

so in between this Sa Ra and the next joint on the official playlist, GP sneaks in a new jam from Jose James prod. by Flying Lotus, that was abs. heat rocks, you just gotta listen for yaself, we'd post the ripped version here but thatd be too much work right now, again, there is a rewind button now, so keep rewinding that bitch.
Kissey Asplund – Move Me ( Record Breakin Music)
-Never heard of this cat before, but this track was pretty fresh.
Katt Ft El’Michaels Affair – Aint Nobody's Business’ (Test)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – New Earth (CDR)
-Some laid back horny jazz for that azz by these 8 bros., who we will be talking more about here later on, are a group of horn players who are all but one, sons of
Phil Cohran, famous horn player for Sun Ra, and have been playing with Mos a lot last couple of years.
Remember these are my hilights, as always GP's show never dissapoints so i suggest you tune in.

common makes an "announcement"


Common links up with Pharrell for this new track from his upcoming album. Gotta say Im really feeling this just as we were both feeling the first one that leaked. I was listening to his last labum earlier today and i must say that Common is a top tier emcee and he still has it and remains consistent with it. props.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Raphael Saadiq in the studio

Amongst all the new "stars" that you are bombarded with errday, dont forget about the Oaktown classic Mr. Raphael Saadiq, who here chats it up with FADER in the studio, in prepartaion for his new album.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Medicine for Melancholy

OKSG alerted me about this film way back before we started this blog and it just came up in conversation with someone else. I still haven't seen it and I know it's not expressly about music but black independent cinema about two black indie rock hipsters, having a one night stand, having serious discussions, and riding bikes all around OK's city? I'm there! Check out the website about Medicine for Melancholy, join their mailing list, and find ways to support this exciting project.

Update (via Tuckergurl):
IFC Films has acquired the worldwide rights to writer-director Barry Jenkins' "Medicine for Melancholy." The film is in competition at this week's Los Angeles Film Festival, and will be released in theaters by IFC in 2009. "Medicine for Melancholy is one of the great American discoveries of the year," said Jonathan Sehring, President of IFC Entertainment in a statement. "Barry Jenkins has delivered an intelligent, heartfelt and often funny universal love story and introduced two brilliant performers to the feature film world - Wyatt Cenac and Tracey Heggins. The film will not only inspire and ignite great discussions among the African-American community, but is sure to engage audiences across the globe."

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

This woman is my queen, forever and ever.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was nutz!

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- I Say A Little Prayer - Live 1969

In a good way! Alright, not going to try and "sale" yall on this one, but if you are enamored by this as much as i was when i first peeped, than check him out, a virtuoso on reeds this man was, ridiculous styles!!!

the New Posers ft. Jay Electronica

Not usually into these "rock"/"rap" collabo joints but this one go. Jay Electronica, one of our favs, does it nice and the generic emo type singing (that is so popular these days) works fine.

line of the season:
"fear... it can kill a man, turn a real man into a realer man or package you as a bathing ape wearing gorilla stand"

Listen/Download here

...while your at it, might as well read that URB cover story on jay elect from a couple months ago, oh and yes that is who ya prolly think it is on the cover with him.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Early Morning Mellow


I never really sat down and listened to Juana Molina, but today I grabbed this track Micael from their 2006 album Son and I'm really liking it. Must investigate more....
Micael - Juana Molina

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mickey Factz "Africa"

So this cat Mickey Factz has been realeasing a track once a week as part of some ongoing mixtape, which is cool- I havent heard too much of em, but my ears definitely perked up when i heard that he was using D'angelo's "Africa"(one of my fav cuts on one of my fav albums) as a backdrop on this weeks track. After he alphabetically name drops nations in Africa, including Ghana(holla), as an intro he goes in and does this track justice, well done !!

"If Bush feels that he cant stand terror send the troops to Africa and make the land better"

Listen/Download here (via Nahright)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Let's Discover: Dorothy Ashby

My dear brother always advises that we "get to know one" and I think we'd all do well to heed his advice. Today I am getting to know the fantastic and legendary jazz harpist (yes HARP, people!) Ms. Dorothy Ashby. I first discovered this artist when my bro sent me a mixtape featuring her Little Sunflower. This song has received HEAVY rotation round my way and I have dropped it on many a mixtape since then. Today I grabbed her album "In A Minor Groove" and proceeded to do a little research on this dynamic woman. I won't regurgitate the whole Wikipedia entry (linked to it above), but I can say that this woman is a real deal big deal who has not only played with the likes of Louis, Stevie, and Dionne but also made a name for herself as the most successful jazz harpist in the game.

The Windmills Of Your Mind - Dorothy Ashby

You can also listen to her album Afro Harping over on the Verve site.

Both Pictures from here

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Queens Brings The Quality, Gets The Money

OK, OK so this may have been mentioned on many other blogs, but it definitely belongs here too.

Kelis, Nas, Erykah, Jay 'Lec

Nas's new track Queens Get The Money features not only top quality fresh rappings from Mr. Nasir Jones but it also gets the sweet sweet beats from the incredible(don't sleep) Jay Electronica. All this for one great low's, like, WOW, Steve!

Download here (via Fader).

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Zizek North America Tour!!!

Stevie aint the only one who is hotter than July. Our homies from the Zizek posse of Buenos Aires are also hotter than July, and will be on a USA invasion tour during that same July that they are hotter than! They are even going to Canada, now thats North America love right there, and Mexico City- wow!!! This is so sinserious, this tour right hurrr. Im sure they are going to be killing it, so go out and check em at a town near you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"It’s a conversation I have with a lot of people ’cos a lot of people say that if a white person does soul music then its like 'yeah, oh my God, it’s so soulful'. But if a black person does soul music, it’s just like 'ummm, okay'. But for me, I try not to think about the politics, or have hang ups about being black and having a soulful voice. I just try to write honest music and let it do as much as it can do. I am just doing my thing, man.’ For now – before too long, it’ll be everybody’s thing." - Tawiah

For some reason I was asleep on British soul singer Tawiah, despite the fact that she was endorsed by the venerable Gilles Peterson, was collabo'ing with the likes of Mark Ronson and Wale, and holding it down as an important part of the current East London soul scene. I just didn't bother to check her. Frankly I was a little turned off by her overly wacky fashion sense. But by some pleasant stroke I ended up downloading her bpm presents session on the Brownswood Podcast feed and I am quite enjoying it and her and looking forward to more. Big ups to Ghanaian girls making it happen!

Tawiah - Broken Heart

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