Sunday, July 20, 2008

Diplo X Santogold new mixape -->Top Ranking!!!!

Santogold and Diplo have a new mixtape out that is very much in the style of Diplo/MIA's Piracy Funds Terrorism which was also great. I peeped the a track off of it which compelled me to actually go out and buy the CD ( i know sounds like a primitive thing to do these days, innit?).
The track i heard was "Guns Of Brooklyn (Doc and Jon Hill Dub)" which had me absoultely skanking all over my room
via the Fader
and more
via Mad Decent

Was thinking that Santogold is in a good position because she kind of has the opportunity to take MIA's market share, seeing that Mia cant get into the country and all as well as her music being a bit more political (read: less marketable) than that of Santi. Anyhow, go and cop that mixtape- its really dope.


Camille Acey said...

Man I just turned on that Starstruck remix and the first few notes, I got chills. I was like "I already know this is FIRE". Santi is a MILLI times more talented than MIA so she is gonna sweep her up QUICKSTYLE (no disrespect to Maya). I've seen Santi live, I've run in the same circles as her for a while, she knows the game, she's been hungry for A LONG TIME, and she means BUSINESS.

Chickenscratches said...

i absolutely agree. santi has so much more creditability than MIA and yet MIA is getting all the love. i'm so over the exaggerated british accent while singing. i liked it better when you couldn't tell the difference. i <3 santogold 4 eva.