Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -07/10/08

So, if you dont know me by now, youll never never ....that was my jam when i was a little bwoiie, big up to ah Simply Red. But for real was going to say, if you dont know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

oh, plus there is a new player on the BBC page that allows you to rewind, YES, finally!

GP Rundown 07/10/08:

Sa Ra Creative Partners - Bone (Good Music Label)
-Dont know if this is old or not, but I've never heard it. More Sa- Ra heat, cant wait for a proper proper album (Hollywood Rec. was proper and abs .incredible, but what happed to Black Fuzz ?) from these cats!

so in between this Sa Ra and the next joint on the official playlist, GP sneaks in a new jam from Jose James prod. by Flying Lotus, that was abs. heat rocks, you just gotta listen for yaself, we'd post the ripped version here but thatd be too much work right now, again, there is a rewind button now, so keep rewinding that bitch.
Kissey Asplund – Move Me ( Record Breakin Music)
-Never heard of this cat before, but this track was pretty fresh.
Katt Ft El’Michaels Affair – Aint Nobody's Business’ (Test)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – New Earth (CDR)
-Some laid back horny jazz for that azz by these 8 bros., who we will be talking more about here later on, are a group of horn players who are all but one, sons of
Phil Cohran, famous horn player for Sun Ra, and have been playing with Mos a lot last couple of years.
Remember these are my hilights, as always GP's show never dissapoints so i suggest you tune in.