Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Ms. Bones

Not sure if you've been hearing about Ebony Bones like I've been hearing about her, but I feel like her name comes up like every other day. The thing about Ebony is that she was a child star on a popular British soap opera and then she left and outed herself as totally bonkers and is now on her way to reaching megastar status in the UK with her (FACKING GREAT summer jam-tastical) track We Know All About You (hear it here on her myspace) in heavy rotation on Radio 1 and after playing Glastonbury, all this WITHOUT BEING SIGNED. At this point I dunno what this sista (whose style resembles Little Kim meets Betsey Johnson meets Cirque du Soleil touring through Africa on their way to the moon) needs a label for anyway, but I won't go on about that.

Anyway, check out her performance in the video below and keep an eye out for some real releases, hopefully soon.

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oksoundsgood said...

hmm, jury out on this one..she got the performance art part down though