Monday, July 21, 2008

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - So many names, so little time

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A friend dragged me spur of the moment to see Miles last year (or maybe it was the year before) at a small cafe in Williamsburg where he was playing with his band The Black Boys, and I came out totally invigorated. The gig started out as a whisper but ended with a roar; it was big dynamic folk-rock from someone I felt certain was growing into a big talent. These days, FADER is big time on Miles' jock and so I am regularly getting news of how he is (possibly) blowing up.* I recently grabbed the title track from his first album and I am really liking it (and looking forward to seeing him again, at what is gonna be prolly a packed gig, this August in BK).

Cop the track "Buriedfed" here via his label, Say Hey Records. Video below

*Sometimes FADER is a little too early on the hype, but this time I'll ride along.