Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Gilles mentioned Spacek on last week's Radio 1 show when Morgan Zarate (formerly of Spacek) came in, so I stopped to check out this fantastic (but currently-defunct) group. I am vibing on their 2001 album Curvatia -- which is soulful, full of grooves and blips and bleeps and Steve Spacek's great vocals -- at the moment and lamenting the fact that I only discovered them after it seems they've already given it up.

Definitely worth checking out that back catalogue. Here's something to start you off.
Download: Spacek - Sexy Curvatia
NEWLY DROPPED on BenjiB!!! Dilla production with Steve Spacek (not newly dropped AT ALL, excuse my confusedness)

Update: You may recognize this instrumental from the last link in our Karriem post.