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Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -08/14/08

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If you don't know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday for one week ONLY) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

Wow, Gilles was back from New York this week (he wasn't in last week) to drop many tasty new and old nuggets on us. His energy was through the roof and totally infectious. Here are some of the best things he rocked on this week's show. Click on the artist name for more info.

Isaac Hayes – 'Walk On By' (Stax)
I hadn't listened to this track in a minute, but I am now revisiting the dude's catalogue.
Gilles is gonna devote some serious time to the man on the next Brownswood Basement podcast. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Anyway, you should be subscribing if you know what's up...

Minnie Riperton – 'Reasons' [Theo Parrish Re-edit] (<--- link opens to youtube interview with theo) Gilles played a few nice Theo Parrish re-edits. I never get tired of Minnie Ripperton cuts. There will never be another. (check these people shaking it to the track at Gilles' worldwide awards this year. OKSG, can we make it to the 2009 ones?)

Solange Knowles – 'Champagne Chronic Nightcap'
Whoa whoa, leave it to GP to get me feeling Solange (Beyonce's little sis). I thought she was gonna come with some bubblegum, but apparently she has a track with Boards of Canada on her forthcoming joint, along with many other good folks like Mark Ronson and Bilal. Hear the above track by clicking the link and going to her Myspace.

Hamid Drake – 'There Is Nothing Left But You' (Rogue Art)
This track started out with some poem I wasn't really feeling but then the poem stopped and this killer jazzy business started and got FIRE! Wicked jazz drummer. Check the dude.

Sonny Rollins – 'Jungoso' (RCA Victor)
Old jazz virtuoso. Track from the new RCA years album. Hear a tidbit/cop it here.

Hercules & Love Affair ft Antony Hegarty – 'Blind' [Frankie Knuckles Remix] (DFA)
I love the original version of this track but it can sometimes be a little harsh with the 90s drag ball steez, however
this Knuckles lighter jazzy house remix goes down SMOOTH! I'll post the youtube vid below so you can peep it out.

Speaking of drag ball steez, who isn't bogling and voguing to You Belong To Me with the femme-realness? I sho am!

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