Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -08/21/08

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If you don't know by now that we here love Gilles Peterson, think of him highly as not only a wicked selekta, but also musical historian and look to him for the next, then....errr, now ya know. Week in and week out, he breaks some heat from all around the world on his BBC Radio 1 show (which you can stream here from when its posted on Thursday, for one week ONLY) and we want to kind of recognize that by reviewing our highlights of each weekly show here.

This week Gilles did a Brownswood Basement episode where he played (pretty much) all old vinyl cuts. Very good finds. Lots of fun stuff. Here were my highlights, click the artists' names for more info or to hear the track.

Choral Readers – ‘Creator Has a Master Plan’
This is like a chorus of children selling/yelling this totally tripped out version of Pharoah Sanders' track. I imagine this has to be some wildly rare cut. Couldn't find any info on it, but here's another version of it done at Alice Coltrane's birthday party.

Wornell Jones- 'It Must Have Been Love' (Paradise)
Try to sit still during this chill groove. I couldn't do it.

Smokey Robinson - 'Baby Thats Backatya' (EMI)
Man, why have I been asleep on Smokey Robinson? I grew up on his "greatest hits", but this hit is greater. I immediately went back and listened to all of the Quiet Storm album. Gilles also announced that Questlove is producing Smokey's forthcoming album. I am expecting fire.

OK, over the past year or two, I have been going back and schooling myself on the jazz biggies but I somehow had not managed to get to the legend Mark Murphy. This cat came into the studio with Gilles and was just a graceful old head with a great voice and more energy than your average 22 year-old. I heard some great cuts and found out that Jose James' cover of Park Bench People is actually a mix of that song (by Freestyle Fellowship) and Mark Murphy's Red Clay (here is Freddie Hubbard's version).

They played a lot of great stuff, but one track that really jumped out at me was
the one track Gilles played from CD, Mark Murphy's wonderful Dingwalls (off of Gilles' Journeys by DJ album), which I post here for your listening pleasure.

Download: Mark Murphy- Dingwalls


Ev said...

WOW...Love the weekly Gilles picks from yourself. His latest set, including the Monday Morning breakfast set was just sublime!
Will continue to follow your blog.

Camille Acey said...

Thanks for reading Ev! I am LOVING this Morning Mix (been listening for an hour or so now). The first cuts with the old acid jazz tracks took me back to like 1993. How hot was that first ever Jamiroquai single even after all these years? Despite all the hype that made me sick of him, I cannot deny the kid has talent.