Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jamie Lidell

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I heard Jamie Lidell before now, but I didn't really start listening until now and I am loving it. It is simple soulful funky goodness by a really wacky British dude. Why isn't this man more famous? Wait, am I out of the loop? Is he already terribly famous? Geez, I'm probably embarassing myself. Any way check out the Little Bit of Feel Good video below and get some more feel good by buying his new album Jim.

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oksoundsgood said...

jamie lidell is good,. kind of have a love hate thing with him. he is all on this re creating like otis redding type of singing, which is cool but at the same time, chill homie. the last song on his recent album is really beautiful though. and yeah, i think you may be a little out of the loop as he has gotten a lot of press recently.

Camille Acey said...

yeah i agree. it is kind of this total rip off of otis redding, but hey! otis redding died far too early so who doesn't want more otis-redding-ish songs if they can get them? i certainly won't deny them.

also i agree it would be good if he could change up the steez and do something else than the otis redding thing.

and yes, slovenia is almost as far "out of the loop" as a person can be. but the fact that jamie is going to be touring with Elton John this year should have been an indication to me...