Friday, August 1, 2008

Termanology feat. Bun B produced by Primo

Im listening to less and less hip hop these days aside from the usual suspects but that dont mean that i aint still checking for whats out there, cause I am and I'm hearing some heat in this cat Termanology. As I was driving down to LA on Friday, Primo (DJ Premier) was on the radio station as he was in town and he spoke on this cat Termanology he is producing and how they were working with Bun B on this song. So, I check it out and man its nice. Primo is one of the reasons why I got into and still love this raw hip hop shit so much, and he still lacing them ill beats for cats. He was talking about how he is literally addicted to this hip hop and making beats- truly dedicated! Bun B (another legend!)of UGK holds it down of course, and this cat Termanology from New York has an ill delivery and flow and most importantly voice, cause as Guru said "it's mostly the voice that gets you up."

Oh and look out for that Termanology cause I just seen the tracklist for his coming album and its produced by like all Primo, Large Pro, Pete Rock, etc aka the Legends.

How We Rock - Termanology Ft Bun-B