Monday, October 20, 2008

Exile is "In Love"

DJ Exile is a producer and deejay from LA. He is most recently very known for Blu's Below the Heavens ( a great album that has propelled Blu into the blog and hip hop spotlight) which he produced the entirety of. I've seen him perform live on the MPC and I gotta say he is the most deft, funky and versatile I've seen on live MPC drumming. He demonstrates a bit of that on his and Blu's Red Bull Music Academy video interview session , as well as debutting some new tracks from his new project in which every sample is taken from the radio, aptly titled Radio. A stand out track from that project has now finally made its way online, its called "In Love," and I'm absolutely enamored by it.

"In Love" - DJ Exile
(via Fresh Selects)


Camille Acey said...

feeeeeelin this track!
song o the day status!