Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gilles Peterson(GP) rundown -10/2/08

This was another GP packed with WAY too much good stuff, so I had a hard time narrowing it down. This is my best attempt...

Benga – 'Roller' (Tempa)
The Afro-Warrior never fails to bring you true afro beatage with infectious rolling basslines that command you to dance.

Madala Kunene – ‘Umbobo’ (Smith and Mighty Remix) (White)
South African ridims

BiggaBush – 'The N.P.G.' (Lion Head Recordings)
Electro with major Fela vectors.

Lucky Brown – 'Potatocakes' – (Tramp)

Jazzanova ft. Dwele and Leon Ware– 'Rockin' You Eternally' (Verve)
The Jazzanova album isn't out yet but everything I've heard from it has been totally golden so far. Keep eyes and ears open. Like Gilles said, two white dudes from Berlin bringing you quality black music.

Raphael Saadiq – '100 Yard Dash'
(youtube link) (Columbia)
OKSG has nothing but good things to say about Raphael's new stuff. So far I'm in agreement.

Shuya Okino (link opens sample)– Thank You (Danny Krivit Re-edit) (Geneon) - (More on the very dapper Shuya and the Kyoto Jazz massive here)