Saturday, October 4, 2008

Have a nice tall glass of...


Lemonade is a band out of the SF Bay Area who have been rocking the city's underground for some time now and are soon emerging with their debut self titled EP on True Panther Sounds. They combine elements of garage, new wave, post punk, experimental world sounds/ percussion, and disco to create a tasty brew of tropical house, if that makes sense. They have an amazing live show , so look out for them in your area as they are always playing live. But for now check out their myspace with standout tunes like "Big Weekend"/"Sunchips"/& "Real Slime."

and also lookout for a remix CD accompanying their release which you can pre order on their page!

Camille adds:
Not to litter the floor with name drops, but isn't this the band that recorded from Dave Sitek of TV on The Radio? Isn't this the same Lemonade who has some dope tracks available for download on RCRDLBL at the moment? Just curious....