Friday, October 10, 2008

Metronomy, if you'll allow

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Man, 2008 is popping fresh for quality new music. Just that Roots version of 'A Milli' is worth the hefty price of admission to this (otherwise dismal) year. If you are listening to even half the stuff we are suggesting then you are probably overly deluged with music so I am just gonna through one more tiny thing into the mix and then leave you in peace.

I've listened to the Metronomy album like 6 times in the past week trying to get some sense of whether I should bring it up to OKSG and I finally feel emboldened enough to just push them out there and let you all decide.

Without doing much of any internet research, what I can gauge is that this is a group of three artsy white dudes from England who have been doing bouncy electro remixes and throwing their own stuff out there from time to time. Here's some Youtubage. If you enjoy, I recommend grabbing their new album Nights Out. Fun stuff.

Radio Ladio (um, is this an American Apparel ad?)

My Heart Rate Rapid