Friday, November 28, 2008

GP Double Header

Gilles in Ljubljana! Photo source

This week we are not only treated to our regularly scheduled Gilles Peterson show, we also have a special Radio1 Story where Gilles audio-tours (my favorite city) NYC and connects with Pharoah Monche, Bilal, Erika Rose of Sa-Ra (heading out to Brooklyn for a Badu show), and many many others.

So listen to that first, and then roll back over to the regular show (another great week!), and check out the regular show most especially for the utterly soul-chilling Olafur Arnolds, Fionn Peters, Portico session from Maida Vale studio.


Allen Family Blog said...

Hey I missed your GP review for last week. That show imo was one of the top GP shows I'd heard in the years that I have listened to it.

Camille Acey said...

@allen family - i was skimping on the GP blogs because i couldnt tell if anyone cared. also when i listened to that previous one he hadn't yet put up a playlist so it woulda been tough to pinpoint my faves! :(

alas, seems to be the same case again this week. gillesy gotsta post up those listings!

thanks for reading. i'll try to stay up on GP!