Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please give a warm welcome to...

brian chilling, wait who that in the background?

Please give a warm welcome to the acetoace posting family, Mr. Brian "pajbre(sometimes)" Rogers.

Brian is a lover of music and always has some new music to hip me to everytime we talk. As far as digging for new sounds, he is always checking out some new jams whether it be UK dubstep, brazillian soul, black spiritual jazz from the 70s or whatever it may be. I might even go as far as calling him an un credentialed ethno- musicologist. I think i trump him on hip hop though, lol - but this cat was the first to put me up on Animal Collective and also Alice Coltrane some years back and those two alone, especially the latter opened my mind big time.

So look out for posts coming soon from Brian as the Ace to Ace movement is now 3 deep straight mobbing.


CB Radio Dj Posse said...

you forgot about his unparalleled appreciation for uk bassline. it helps help get cooking.

2062 said...

strictly UK funky. bassline makes my teeth grit.