Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daniel Merriweather - Love & War

So, for all you UK people, the Daniel Merriweather album Love & War is finally out and you should cop it. I am totally biased here because I've kicked it with the dude many times and just fucking love him. However, on a more even and objective level, I can also say that there are many choice tracks on here (Change, Impossible, Chainsaw come to mind right off the bat) and frankly Daniel is one of the most talented young singers on the pop scene at the moment. While I might sometimes come off as a music snob, I do still love good pop tracks.

Here is the (kinda weird) video EPK for the album. Try to ignore Mark Ronson's tics and gesticulations (wtf is he doing in this video? i think he wants to be getting outta dude's shine!) and get into Daniel's earnest goodness and talent. He will only get better with time and experience. Support the endeavours!

Daniel Merrriweather 'Love & War' EPK