Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay Electronica "exhibit C' radio rip

Admittedly, its a bit difficult to get excited about new hip hop in 2009. The genre which I once was so impassioned about (and still am to a certain degree) has suffered immeasurably in the last decade (decade and a half?)for various reasons. Still despite all of this and the tempting assertion that 'hip hop is dead,' I still do get excited when I hear a great verse over a hot beat, delivered oh so well, as only a handful of rappers, I feel can still pull off today. But lets face it, hip hop isn't dead. While the proclaimation that it is, was an interesting, perhaps necessary and thought provoking marketing strategy, it can't die. It simply can't. Why you may ask? As long as a new hip hop song is still maintaining those aforementioned and rather simple characteristics that make a hip hop song good, as well as staying creative by experimenting with and trying new things, it remains alive- not necessarily in the best shape overall, but alive nonetheless.

Jay Electronica is an emcee who I feel is staying true to the core elements of hip hop as well as being creative and new with it. 

"Exhibit C" (produced by Just Blaze) is exhibit a of  new hip hop today in 2009 still being able to produce songs that are alive....and well!