Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Roses"

Nothing particularly super duper special about this video, I just love this song ,this woman and her energy so here goes


Camille Acey said...

love this girl, cute video but

1) mos def was ingenious to turn this into a duet , there was plenty of space in there for something else (like mos's smooth vocals) to slide in like they always belonged there.

2) roses look pretty damn hard to draw.

marian said...

thank you for sharing this,how are you dear,hope all is well.sending love and letting you know about my new personal outfit post.have a good day!

Camille Acey said...

hi marian, i write this blog with my brother and this was actually one of his posts. glad you enjoyed it.

i have already subscribed to your new blog on my google reader so i am always up to date on your latest posts! thanks for checking in. have a great rest of the week. :)