Thursday, April 1, 2010

E-40 x Bjork...!!!!

Damn this is so ill...makes me proud to be from the Bay. On some post hyphy just raw blapperness.

From the E-4o (Fonzarelli) aka 40 Water new album and featuring Laroo, The DBz, Droop-E, and B-Slim. Featuring samples from Bjork's acapella album Medulla, prodcued by E-40's son Droop- E. Off of the new double album from E-40.

(via the Fader)

Chorus reminds me of some "me and you we can make some cash, robbing ole folks and making the dash"

and conceptually somewhat very loosely of :
"And she said... It'll be good if you stayed with me tonight so I granted her wish"

oh and she cleared the sample too!