Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RIP Teena Marie

RIP to the dopest black chick who just happened to be white that the world has ever seen. During my childhood stint in the hood (childhood in Oakland, CA), I remember there being white girls like this. There was one I knew called Jamie; she lived in a house full of black people, was wiry thin with a tough mouth, and was one of the best doubledutch jumpers on the school yard --- she was way blacker than me, heck blacker than most of us. Teena Marie has a block pass (shit, black pass!) cause she built those blocks and is an important part of black history and heritage. Heck she was on Cash Money (Lil Wayne's record label) for a time!

I'm sure every hood in the US was blasting her on Monday while most whites just scratched their heads trying to remember who she was and what she sang. She was ours, through and through.



what you know about that FIRE AND DESIRE?

and ever her newer joints CAN'T LAST A DAY (feat Faith Evans)

True legend, there will never be another.