Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Revisit - Orbital: Halcyon (and on and on)

I can only begin to tell you how HUGE Orbital's album Orbital 2 was to me in my formative years. I got this album back in the dark ages when you couldn't go online and preview NOTHING, I read about this album in something like Spin magazine and went down to my local cassette tape-walla and bought it based on that written description and proceeded to play it continuously day and night because I had never heard anything so amazing in all my 13 years on this blue marble.

Halcyon (And On And On) was the monster jam from this album and I swear to GOD, just this morning I was thinking about this album and then I come stumbling across this NPR profile of Orbital and the 90's rave resurgence and anyway....let's (re)visit this track people. Ahhhhh, sweet memories!